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Boating Accidents   

     Boating Accidents   

As the land of sand and sun, California recreational boating accidents occur frequently in our waters. Boating accidents can occur on lakes, out in the bay or on the ocean. Every year thousands of boaters use waterways for power boating, water skiing, sailing and fishing. Not to mention the many more thousands that operate jet skis. The congestion on our open waters means that there is an increased potential for boating and recreational vehicle accidents resulting from negligence and criminal acts. While some boating mishaps are minor, others result in drowning or serious injuries. According to the US Coast Guard, in 2012 over 4,500 boating accidents occurred on our nations waterways.

The Causes and Types of Boating Accidents

Few people realize the dangers of handling a boat or jet skis and most owners have never taken a boating safety course dealing with these dangers and their prevention. An-ill equipped operator is the one main ingredient for a boating accident. There are many types of boating accidents, but the most common type is collision with another vessel.  Following that are accidents involving skiers and falls overboard.  The leading causes of these accidents with both open motorboats and personal watercraft are operator inattention, operator inexperience, speeding and alcohol. Other factors include:

  • Careless boat operation
  • Poor weather and water conditions
  • Defective or missing safety equipment
  • A poorly maintained boat or jet ski
  • Poor planning when going out on a boat
  • Not fully understanding the safe operation of the boat or personal watercraft
  • Negligent and reckless operation of a boat or jet ski

Commercial Fishing

California is also home to many commercial fishing ventures. Up and down the coast, a multitude of both small and large bays provide a safe harbor for many commercial and recreational vessels. While most of these ventures are safe, avoidable mishaps do occur.  If you were injured while aboard a commercial fishing or recreational vessel, the owner and or operator of the vessel will be held accountable.

Recovery and Accountability

If you are involved in a recreational boating accident, the person who caused the accident will be at fault if they acted negligently or failed to exercise a reasonable amount of care. A boater is expected to follow boating safety rules, to take necessary precautions to avoid accident and/or injury, and to be careful of other passengers, swimmers, and other boaters.

Recovering from serious boat accident injuries can be difficult. While specific circumstances may vary, mounting medical bills, physical pain, and emotional trauma can all be devastating. The personal injury attorneys at Pirrone and Pirrone provide each client with the personal attention they need and deserve, ensuring that our clients obtain compensation and negligent parties are held accountable.


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